Network Design and Security

Depending on the size of a network, you could be talking about a few pieces or a few thousand pieces.  Many of the pieces look the same, they smell the same, and they have names that often sound the same.  It's all an elaborate hoax, because almost everyone one of those like sounding boxes does something just a little differently than every other one.

Just so we're all on the same page, we don't go through every piece of network equipment in existence every time we design a network for a client.  It just isn't worth the time and effort to anyone, so we've filtered down the list to the equipment we like to use.  Equipment that we've used before, and that has worked for our clients.  The vendors we recommend make wide varieties of equipment, enough to cover just about every situation.

Network design is an art form.  No two networks are the same, and no two companies are trying to do the same thing, or protect the same information.  Here are a few things to think about:

  • any business with an internet connection needs to engage a network security expert at some time.  If you are connected to the internet, you are at risk.
  • if you have confidential information, particularly confidential information that belongs to someone else, you need to make sure your network is properly secured.
  • if you have proprietary information, such as trade secrets, business plans, or accounting information, you need to make sure your network is properly secured.
  • if you have multiple locations, use remote access, or transmit information, you need to make sure your data cannot be intercepted while in transit.
  • the internet is a dangerous place, and the questions you have to ask yourself are "what can i afford to lose?, "what do i need to protect?", and "what do i need to do to protect it?"

Because we are not a retail operation, our primary revenue stream is not dependent on "moving product".  This allows us to be unbiased in our recommendation as we have no financial stake in the equipment choice.  There are lots of major vendors which you will not see on our website.  Some of those vendors demand that you recommend only their products, or they will not allow you to participate in their programs.  We choose not to represent those vendors, as it would force us to choose equipment that is best for the vendor rather than our client.

When we make a recommendation, the basis of that recommendation is what's best for the client, and only the client.

Shouldn't you really talk to us?

p.s.   check out a few words about network and security equipment...

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